This Privacy Policy outlines how 1Win handles the information and data that you provide to the company in order to manage your relationship with it.

The company will handle any personal information you provide to it, or that it otherwise possesses, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you understand that you can share your personal information via various channels, such as the 1Win website, phone calls, or any other means available.

You hereby acknowledge and consent to the utilization of your personal information in accordance with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Should you not agree to these terms, kindly refrain from using the Website or furnishing the company with your personal information.

Currently, the privacy policy encompasses the gathering, processing, retention, and subsequent utilization of player data. The acquisition of this information is deemed essential for the following purposes:

  • Enhancing customer safety measures;
  • Mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities;
  • Improving the overall quality of services rendered by the company;
  • Ensuring compliance with betting and casino regulations in the player’s jurisdiction;
  • Adhering to all other prescribed terms and conditions.

Year after year, 1Win continues to augment its array of regulations, thereby reinforcing the safety, legality, and integrity of its operations.

The company requires the following information from each player:

  1. First and last name. It is essential to guarantee accurate identification and establish a unique player account.
  2. Player’s location. Providing your location helps the company to comply with local laws and regulations, and ensures that desired services are available in your jurisdiction.
  3. Contact phone number. Providing 1Win with a contact phone number enables effective communication regarding your account, including any updates or vital announcements.
  4. Email address. To ensure the verification of an account, facilitate communication with the player, and deliver significant notifications, an email address is imperative.
  5. History of payment transactions and actions on the platform. 1Win collects information about your payment history and activities on the platform to ensure proper account management, secure transactions, and protect the interests of all users.

This information is collected to monitor the existence of a single player account and maintain overall safety and security for all users.

When registering on 1Win, users provide certain information that is collected and stored to ensure the security and correct operation of the platform.

When a user registers on 1Win, they are required to provide their first name, last name, email address and phone number. This data is utilized for generating a user account and reaching out to the user when required. Along with this, the user shares their gender, date of birth, and country of residence. These details might be leveraged to offer tailored services or adhere to age-specific limitations.

All 1Win user information is stored in a secure database and protected using appropriate technology and security measures. 1Win does not share information about its users with third parties without their explicit consent, except as required by law or in the event of a breach of the terms of use.

Users can manage their own information in their 1Win accounts. They can update their personal data, change passwords and privacy settings according to their needs.

An effective approach to managing and safeguarding privacy policy breaches primarily revolves around implementing measures of liability. These measures comprise the complete or temporary suspension of an account, the imposition of financial constraints, and the prohibition of specific activities. 1Win prioritizes maintaining its reputation and thus engages in proactive monitoring to identify and penalize individuals involved in violations and fraudulent activities. However, if a player believes they have been unjustly prosecuted, they can seek resolution by reaching out to the Support Team for further assistance.

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