1Win offers betting or gambling services for entertainment purposes only, and emphases that all available platform services should not be viewed by users as a means of generating income. All available services on the platform are provided with various useful functionalities to make the client feel more comfortable and safe. The company’s team understands the importance of playing responsibly on the platform, so some guidelines have been developed to assist customers in their pursuit of responsible gambling. If the user complies with all the required terms and conditions, they will have a higher chance of avoiding the negative aspects that are directly related to gambling.

If a customer is not responsible when it comes to gambling, it can lead to a very troublesome addiction, which can cause serious difficulties both in relationships and financial aspects of daily life. 

The platform’s team makes all necessary efforts to warn players against this affliction by providing useful information and offering the assistance of technical staff for counselling. Furthermore, the 1Win platform endeavors to use various measures to prevent unauthorized access to the company’s services by minors. To comply with these requirements, the technical staff conducts a thorough check of all created accounts. To reduce the risks of gambling addiction, the client can also use the following recommendations:

  1. Firstly, the entire list of 1Win Nigeria services should be categorized as entertainment rather than a way to make money. This will allow for some degree of purely enjoyable gaming experience without the distraction of making money in an “easy” way. Any player can win as well as lose – this is the norm;
  2. Every customer must control their emotions during the gambling process to avoid losing their entire balance, as well as the possibility of being susceptible to gambling addiction;
  3. Use only the portion of the cash that is intended for entertainment purposes to avoid re-depositing in the event of a loss;
  4. Each client of the platform is recommended to set time limits. This will help the user to enjoy betting or gambling services without forgetting about their personal life;
  5. Do not play at the online casino while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. By following this recommendation, the player will have a lower chance to make irrational and rash decisions in all kinds of situations.

Based on all of the above recommendations, a player can reduce the risk of developing a gambling addiction, as well as develop the right mindset for both online casino and sports betting activities.

To avoid the development of gambling addiction, any client of the platform should approach the gambling process more responsibly. If a player has difficulty managing their gambling behavior, they will not be able to recognize an addiction. To recognize an actual gambling problem, the client should look out for the following signs:

  • The user regularly makes large bets, thereby increasing the risks and thrill from the process;
  • The user loses the entire available balance on the account and has an urge to re-deposit in the hope of winning back;
  • The player uses money that was not intended for entertainment, but is needed for livelihood;
  • The user borrows from friends or family to play at the casino or to place a bet;
  • The user becomes frequently nervous or irritated when they haven’t played on the platform for a day or two.

If the user recognizes themselves in any of the examples presented above, then there is a big chance of developing gambling addiction, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Firstly, it is advised to take a break from gambling. In case the client cannot stop using the services, it is necessary to ask for help from the technical staff, who is ready to help in a difficult moment.

If the user is unable to take a break from gambling on their own, they should seek help from technical staff. The support can provide moral support to the player, as well as useful contacts of specialists who can provide anonymous counselling in the field of gambling addiction and indicate which methods will help to cope with the problem. 

Alternatively, any player can use the self-limitation function, which blocks access to the account for a certain period. To activate this option, the client should ask for help from the technical staff, having previously indicated the reason for blocking the account. This will allow the player to self-limit himself to use gambling services for a certain period of time as long as it is required. During the period of self-restriction, the user is not allowed to create other accounts. In case of violation of the rules, the 1Win team has the right to delete a new account and block an old one for a longer period or implement a permanent ban.

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